Our Mission

Our Mission?

To offer the best natural skincare and haircare available. We believe in making products that are good for your body and for the environment. We believe in using only all-natural, sustainable ingredients that are plant-based and/or cruelty-free. We believe in showing the better side of natural beauty. Sans the chemicals, sans the clinical and sterile emotions, and sans the pretentious prices.

What We Will Do…

  • Natural and certified organic ingredients
  • Plant-based oils and butters
  • Cruelty-free and sustainable animal-based ingredients (such as honey, beeswax, and goat’s milk)
  • Use reusable and recyclable packaging

What We Will Not Do…

We will never use artificial ingredients or preservatives, parabens. sulfates, alcohols, formaldehyde, Phthalates, DEA, mineral oil, petroleum, paraffin, or propylene in our products. 

Everything we make is made with you and your health in mind. The environment and our responsibility on this Earth is our next priority. We will never compromise. We will never settle for less than.